“Jeremy Beck’s album ‘Remember’ is a sonic revelation. With an impressive range of instrumental and vocal compositions, Beck takes us into a world of emotions and reflection. The compositions, including the award-winning ‘Invitation to Love’, testify to Beck’s extraordinary creative vision and his ability to translate deep feelings into music.” – Amplified Magazine (Germany)

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by moonlight

“Luminous, expressive, and refined are some of the words that come to mind as the album’s tonal pieces play, “by moonlight” deftly showing Beck cultivating an individual voice while operating within a tradition.” – Textura (May 2020)

“The music disarms me as a listener by not calling attention to itself as an example of some new trend, some flavor-of-the-month fodder for some genre cannon. Instead it beguiles purely on its own terms … As nature becomes awakened in full spring as I write this I feel the music helps do justice to the glorious seasonal opening of buds. Most pleasurable a listen it is. Bravo Jeremy Beck.”
– Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music (May 13, 2020)

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String Quartets

String Quartets

Composed over nearly 25 years, four of Beck’s five quartets are brilliantly performed here by diverse ensembles from Los Angeles, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Louisville, Kentucky. These exciting compositions reveal key facets of Beck’s engaging approach to tonality, rhythm and form.

“… appealing and skillfully crafted … the moody expressiveness of Beck’s writing is its own reward. … [The] pieces here each have their own dark-hued allure, and the performances … are all fluid and assured.”
(San Francisco Chronicle – SF Gate)

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IonSound Project

IonSound Project, the engaging new music sextet based in Pittsburgh, reveals music by composer Jeremy Beck that inspires dancing, dreaming, and – like the City of Bridges itself – communicates a gritty energy of hope and promise.

“… a thoroughly engaging CD from top to bottom.” (NewMusicBox)

“… uplifting, buoyant and also soothing, beautiful and a complete pleasure to listen to[.] ” (Audiophile Audition)

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Never Final, Never Gone

“… remarkable versatility and craft.” – John Corigliano

“Without self-consciousness, without paralyzing abstraction, Beck reminds us that music is movement, physically and emotionally. … [His] music is well worth hearing and Innova deserves thanks for putting another relevant voice in front of the public eye.”
(MusicWeb International)

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pause and feel and hark

“[One of the] best new recordings from North America[.]

“pause & feel & hark is very good; the purely instrumental selections represent very lyrical and lovely music that makes one want to hear more. All of Beck’s music is lovingly played here, in some cases by the musicians for whom the works were written.”
(All Music Guide)

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With the intensity of international soprano Rayanne Dupuis and the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra’s committed playing, Beck’s tragic themes come to life with a rich patina.

“Jeremy Beck is Exhibit A in classical music’s defense against the charge of being out of touch.” (Gramophone)

“[Death of a Little Girl with Doves] is a deeply attractive and touching piece of writing which I recommend urgently for its imperious melodic confidence, fluent emotional command and yielding tenderness. A lovely disc made fully compelling by the song-cycle and one that is likely to leave most listeners keen to hear more from Jeremy Beck.”
(MusicWeb International)

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