Prayer and Celebration

Prayer and Celebration is a short work for four horns or horn choir. It is in a two-part form, where the principal motive of Prayer is transformed into the principal theme of Celebration. Prayer explores a palette of rich harmonies where the motive unfolds through the intersection of melodic parts. The Celebration that follows is lively and upbeat, led by exuberant rhythms and some brief imitative passages.

Prayer and Celebration was given its world premiere by the University of Louisville Horn Ensemble, Bruce Heim, conductor, on April 12, 2017 at the university. The players were Sabrina Behrens, Seth Berkenbosch, Will Brooks, Micah Burkhardt, Megan Collins, Andrew Herald, Carter Parker, Selina Pinkham, Shelby Rauck, and Brianna Sklute.

4 horns or horn choir
Date completed:

Prayer and Celebration for horn choir

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