Meditation and Dance for flute, violin & cello

Meditation and Dance was composed for the Pinehurst Chamber Ensemble, Alexa Still (flute); Morisheen Kelly (violin) and Tomas Ulrich (cello). Completed in June of 1984, it was premiered by that group at the Columbia Club in New York City, 27 November 1984.

The first movement, Meditation, is marked Adagio. The main thematic ideas are developed out of the whole-tone collection heard in the opening measures. This movement is thoughtful, reflective, and moody. The dynamics are constantly shifting with sudden swells and drops punctuating its somber character.

The Dance opens with a brief elegiac introduction which soon turns into a playful Andante. The melody passes twice from the flute to the violin then to the cello, before it is played as a canonic bridge leading back to the introductory material. The Andante reappears for a short time before the introduction (now presented as a codetta) brings the music to a close.

flute, violin, cello
Date completed:
ca. 7:30

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