HoUsE miX for tuba & electronics

HoUsE miX was composed in September-October of 1995 at the request of tubist Jeffrey Funderburk. The recording of the electronics part provides the first three beats of measure one and then the tubist begins – in time – on the second eighth note of the fourth beat in measure one (marked * in the score). As to the title, it was my intention in writing this piece to emphasize the electronic nature of the accompaniment rather than to try and disguise it. In borrowing materials and gestures from the language of 1990s techno dance music, I also sought to borrow one of its structural conceits: the sharp juxtaposition of diverse materials (represented by the mash-up of upper- and lower-case letters in the title).

Published by Tuba-Euphonium Press, HoUsE miX is distributed by Cimarron Music Press. Jeffrey Funderburk has recorded HoUsE miX on his second solo CD, Journeys (Mark Records #3176).  Copies of this CD may be ordered directly from Dr. Funderburk at the University of Northern Iowa:

HoUsE miX is also available in a version for tuba and orchestra.

A direct order below of HoUsE miX includes a sound file or CD of the electronics part.

tuba, electronics
Date completed:
ca. 5:00
Cimarron Music Press

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