Four Preludes for piano


The journey begins with 'Four Preludes', a piece that effortlessly balances lightness and seriousness. Jessica Litwiniec Dorman's piano interpretation is captivating and sensitive at the same time.

- Amplified Magazine (Germany)

The Four Preludes for piano were composed in 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky, and are dedicated to Susan Merdinger. They were premiered by Ms. Merdinger at the Northbrook Public Library (Chicago) on 22 April 2018. The Four Preludes were recorded by Jessica L. Dorman in 2020 in Louisville and released on my 2023 album, remember (Neuma 183). Two of those recordings are posted here.

Jessica L. Dorman

Jessica L. Dorman

The first prelude is in a care-free, relaxed jazz style. The second prelude provides a contrast to the first, as the opening melodic idea is taken through a series of differing harmonic colors, creating a sense of unity in perhaps a less stable environment. The third prelude is lively and playful, even comical, in the spirit of earlier composers’ works entitled “burlesque.” The final prelude is the longest of the set and unfolds in a type of A-B-A form. The principal music is lyrical and romantic in nature, and features rich harmonies. The brief middle section offers a greater sense of forward motion and melodic contrast. The return of the opening music then brings a sense not quite of calm, yet, but of winding down, until the prelude closes with a type of question, not meant to be fully answered.

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Prelude 1

Prelude 4

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