By Moonlight


"Also admirable are [Beck's] orchestration skills made apparent in the Three Pieces for Orchestra in which different threads manifest themselves simultaneously and request your attention."

– Jean-Yves Duperron,
Classical Music Sentinel
(March 2020)

By Moonlight is marked “graceful, flowing” and opens with a lyrical melody in the oboe that is quietly accompanied in the strings. This melody then moves through the various wind instruments before it is developed within the entire ensemble. A contrasting section follows, featuring neighbor figures. This music finds its way back to the opening material, again highlighted by the oboe. By Moonlight closes with a varied contrasting section and a short coda.

By Moonlight was recorded by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, Mikel Toms conductor, and is the first movement of my Three Pieces for Orchestra. This composition is available on my 2020 innova CD, by moonlight.

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By Moonlight

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by moonlight

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