Adagio and Allegro for string trio

This composition was originally composed in New York City in 1981 and consisted of three movements. The last movement (Allegro preciso) was composed first and given a preview performance 14 May 1981 at the Mannes College of Music by Carole Harris (violin) and Claire Norman and David Cerutti (violas). Once I had completed the other two movements, the full work was premiered 28 January 1982 by these same players on a recital of my music at Mannes.

In 2001, as a result of winning the California Music Teachers Association composition award, I revised this work into two movements and arranged it for two violins and viola. The revision chiefly consisted of jettisoning the first movement (now destroyed) and reworking certain smaller details of the remaining two movements. The premiere of the revised composition took place 16 February 2002 in San Diego at the annual convention of the CMTA.  I later re-arranged this revised version for the original instrumentation of violin and two violas (which is the version I prefer).

Derek Ratzenboeck

Adagio and Allegro for violin and two violas was recorded in the spring of 2011 by Derek Ratzenboeck (violin) and Rebecca Barnes and Jennifer Shackleton (violas) in Louisville, Kentucky and is included on my 2020 CD, by moonlight.

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violin, 2 violas or 2 violins, viola
Date completed:
1982; 2001-02
ca. 7:30

II. Allegro

Featured Recording

by moonlight

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