Sonatina for piano solo

This work was premiered 26 January 1983 at the Mannes College of Music in New York City by Deborah Jamini, to whom the work is dedicated. Sonatina is in three movements: Prelude, Fugue and Dance. The first two movements both began as theory assignments in a class with my composition professor at Mannes, David Loeb. The Prelude therefore features the sole deliberate augmented sixth chord in all of my catalogue. The Fugue unfolds in a slow-to-moderate tempo and utilizes the Phrygian mode. As a companion to these two movements, I then composed a more lively Dance to round out the suite. The recordings below are from the 1983 premiere.

I later arranged this piece for the group Flute Force in 1987, at the request of Rie Schmidt. The result is my composition Four for Four.

piano solo
Date completed:
ca. 6:00

Sonatina - Prelude

Sonatina - Fugue

Sonatina - Dance

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