July 15, 1410 for brass & percussion

This three-movement work for large brass and percussion ensemble was premiered 19 April 1984 at the Mannes College of Music in New York. I conducted this premiere. The players were: Cheryl Hollinger, Julia Cohen, Laurie Shiff (trumpets); Susan Bergey, Janet Lance, Brooks Tillotson, Alexandra Cook (horns); David Kaplon, Wayne Groves, Richard Ford (trombones); Chuck Wazanowski (tuba); Michael Wimberly, Jason Cirker, Yves Gerard, David Kline, A.C. Lewis (percussion).

There is a dramatic and beautiful statue in New York’s Central Park celebrating the Polish-Lithuanian defeat of the Teutonic Knights in the Battle of Grunwald on July 15, 1410. This battle is regarded as one of the most important in Polish and Lithuanian history. The power of this statue’s image and the history it represented to me reflected the growing Solidarity movement in Poland in the early 1980s. Inspired by both the past and current events, this composition was the result.


brass & percussion ensemble
Date completed:
ca. 10:00

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