Four Piano Pieces


"The Toccata from the Four Piano Pieces is … spirited and attractive [and] … immediately imparts a feeling of warmth and familiarity; the remaining piano pieces are either expressive or rhythmically dynamic, and are played with care and enthusiasm by pianist Heather Coltman." — All Music Guide

The first three of the Four Piano Pieces were composed in 1995, in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The suite begins with a Prelude, which is a lyrical and pastoral work – it is dedicated to pianist Heather Coltman, who first recorded this set in 1998 (for a CD release on heng hau records of Boston, which is now out-of-print).The second piece, Dance, is rhythmically active, with surprising changes of meter. The music is propelled by the syncopations which result from these sudden shifts of the pulse. Dance is then followed by Meditation, a pensive movement, with slowly-moving harmonies. The last piece of the set, Toccata, was actually composed first, in 1988, in New York City. This Toccata was composed as an encore piece for the pianist Deborah Jamini. It is in a “traditional” toccata style, with running sixteenth notes marked vivace, albeit in my own tonal idiom. The Four Piano Pieces may be played separately or as a set. They were re-recorded by Heather Coltman for release on Beck’s 2008 CD, Never Final, Never Gone (innova 696).

Heather Coltman

piano solo
Date completed:
ca. 7:30

Featured Recording

Never Final, Never Gone

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