Dream and Echoes for SATB chorus

Dream and Echoes was composed in 1998, but never performed. Fifteen years later, composer/conductor J. David Moore and his talented choir presented a wonderful reading of the piece with his First Readings Project in St. Paul, Minnesota. This group later recorded the work for a 2016 release on the Ablaze label.

First Readings Project

There are two choral songs in this set: “A Young Poet Dreams of his Beloved Who Lives Across the River” followed by “Echoes of a Young Poet’s Dream”. The first text is by Sao Nan, and was published in translation in Chinese Lyrics from the Book of Jade (1918). The poet evokes images from nature – the moon, sky, wind, and water – in expressing the melancholy of longing and unrequited desire. The second text is by the composer and offers a commentary on the first text using the same imagery.

The music reflects the difference in time between the two texts. The first choral song’s texture is often contrapuntal with certain imitation of motives between the various voices. In contrast, the second song is more homophonic, with the voices moving together in harmony. Still, in spite of these textural differences, the tonal language is all of one piece; this commonality connects the two songs, as does the imagery of the text.

This recording is from the final run-through of the reading that took place in St. Paul on September 26, 2013.

SATB chorus a cappella
Date completed:
ca. 6-7'
Texts by Sao Nan and the composer

A Young Poet Dreams of His Beloved Who Lives Across the River

Echoes of a Young Poet's Dream

PDF Score:
Dream and Echoes (SATB a cappella)

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